About Us

Our History

Salon Bellezza was first conceived in 2008.  From the start, proprietor Shelley Severn wanted to give her clients something different from the usual beauty treatments that were being offered at the time.

As Shelley herself says;

"Many products were boasting that they could completely arrest the signs of ageing or get rid of spots, just because they contained the latest ingredient; my clients were sick of being disappointed by the big claims of these companies, that their products would be the answer to their skincare problems. I did some research and initially went for another aromatherapy and botanical product line, mainly because I believed my clients would consider smell to be important! However, when a client told me about the results she’d had from the Environ range I decided to look into it further.

Environ taught me that the vitamins we obtain through our diet and skincare are the principle tools needed for our skin’s cells to function normally and healthily; therefore we will look our best if we can supply the skin with optimum levels of these vitamins, particularly Vitamin A or Retinol.

When we combined easily absorbable oral vitamin supplements with make up that could actually improve the skin through its natural mineral SPF and anti-inflammatory properties, I was able to arm my clients with the tools they needed to create the best skin they had ever had and with it, the best feel good factor!

In addition, computerised imaging means that skin can be assessed both before and after treatment to ensure real results, satisfaction and motivation.

The skin imaging will assess your progress in eliminating lines, wrinkles, open pores, maintaining healthy bacteria levels, reducing vascular damage and balancing sebum levels, in the process creating a plan for what you can do to make further improvements. These events are held at least once monthly and are a free service offer to our valued clientele."


About Us

Whether you are looking for an improved complexion or some ‘finishing touches’, we offer a service to suit. Enjoy premium facials, beautiful makeup, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow services, waxing and more, in luxury at our beautiful Grade II listed salon.

Together with the International Institute for Anti Ageing we help to ‘ feed, fortify and finish’ your skin by offering the best science can offer you in terms of nutritional supplements, skincare, and mineral cosmetics.

We hold monthly skin analysis sessions using the latest skin imaging technology to assist in monitoring the efficacy of your skincare regime, and make up events by qualified make-up artists to enhance your natural beauty.


Advanced Nutrition Programme and Skinaid vitamin supplements.


Environ vitamin skincare developed by leading plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes


High quality Mineral make up by Jane Iredale recommended by doctors and dermatologists, certified cruelty and chemical free.