The Perfector, more commonly known as the nonsurgical face lift, is a tissue building facial treatment based on the Cellular Resonance Technology from London University.

How It Works
The treatment works to provide oxygenation, detoxification, and cell energy restoration which builds tissue and ultimately promotes anti ageing within the skin.
This triggers a chain of biological events that lead to a natural face lift.

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Benefits Of The Non-Surgical Face Lift
• Wrinkle Reduction
• Muscle Tissue Repair - Muscles were lifted after only one treatment
• Muscle Re-Education - Re-training the facial muscles to lengthen or shorten where needed.
• Cell Regeneration & Healing
• Increased Cell turnover - Resulting in fresher more radiant skin.
• Increased Collagen & Elastin
• Balanced Skin PH - Beneficial for acne prone skin

A course of 12 is recommended with further treatments at least once a month to maintain results.